For the Love of Shannon

The music of Shannon and Blind Melon has touched many lives. It has had a magical impact on countless people over the years and continues to do so. Shannon has given Melonheads someone that they can relate to, a sense of belonging, and brought many lost souls back into the light. Even after his passing he continues to touch lives and bring kindred souls together. People have found many different ways to express their feelings of gratitude, respect, and admiration. These tributes are all very heartfelt and filled with emotion. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has shared their tributes with the Melon Community.      

All content found on is copyrighted to the original creator of the content. Usage of photos, videos, interviews, artwork, writings, ect., found on, is permitted to non-profit online sharing in memory of Shannon Hoon. Anything beyond non-profit sharing is not permitted without written permission from the original creator of said content. It is illegal to alter or sell any copyrighted material without the permission from the owner of said material. Please send any inquires or questions to Jessie at 

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